Sonny Rollins.

Next up, dublab Give Up compilation.

Perfect timing.

Like finding a 10er in your pocket when your $5 away from $0 in your account.

And next up after the penny royalties, Stars of the Lid.

I think I’m excited. That’s kinda funny. SOTL aren’t necessarily exciting. But when you’re blue and there’s a tone that meets the fuzz on the TV, it’s understandable how you can feel excited.

More perfect timing.


One thought on “Music Makes The World Go ‘Round.

  1. I lead a class of new employees a few times each year and I like to play “Brush with greatness” with them to hear their stories of meeting celebrities. One person told of when she looked up at the person standing next to her in a Disneyworld Restroom, and there standing next to her, looking in the mirror and washing her hands, was Audrey Hepburn. Even in that humdrum setting, the person said, she looked radiant!

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