I am absolutely exhausted. Another twelve hour day. Truly, it’s not really so bad – these don’t happen too often for me. And I’m in charge! But I do dislike how I adapt to them. I’d like to be cool 100%. Instead I’m processing often and when too much math is thrown in (ed note: Excel formulas), I don’t deal well.

The girl who replaced me at work when I left for 5 months, is still at my work. She’s great. She’s very bright and does her present job very well. It’s her given profession and talent. She also did our common job very well. Thing is, so do I. However, even though she only had the luck to enjoy our common role for one “semester,” she constantly tells me that I’m “doing a great job and that I just need to keep going, it’s hard work but keep it up!”

I really don’t want to hear it from her. Today I let her know.

I was surrounded by Excel formulas and they weren’t about to end.

I apologized. Pretty much immediately.

Apparently, my heart isn’t in it though. She just looked up at me and said, “I was only trying to help.” And I just wanted to slap her. Wow. We both don’t appear to give a shit. She totally didn’t hear me and I totally wanted to connect my fist with her KXXWlovin’ teeth.

I’m including a picture from the movie Heathers. That is because she and I, this is pretty much where we’re operating from right now. Dissecting. CutCutCut. Bang Bang. Shoot Shoot. Happiness Is A Warm Gun…


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