For those of you who already know, please, don’t ruin the story.

So at work, I’m interviewing for a new coordinator. And today, we met with Gabe.

Gabe’s cute. We like that. We don’t have many of those at work. And since I really only called those I thought were qualified, we know he’s got what it takes. And with the way the interview went…

We’re reviewing marketing and researching and the like. I honestly don’t know how he came to say what he did. I imagine it was regarding my tits. I’m joking. But seriously. It was funny…

“….whip it out…”

Cute little dude with nice chops just said, “Whip it out,” to me.


And the woman that I am just started to giggle. Looked away. Stared at Beth. She was fine. But not me. Whip it out was all I could hear. Or see.

I think he actually said, “I have taken Christ the Lord to my bosom and am now free,” but I heard, “whip it out.”

1000 points to my friend Gage (not Gabe) for his response to the story: “I’ve seen that movie.”

Me too Gage. Me too.


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