The television show, “Fame.” I was 11. Myself – I too went to a couple of schools that worked around, “Theatre.” One element of what this might represent is I was a young girl enamored with song, show and therefore a hook.

“Fame,” had several songs in an episode. I was so stricken by one (or two) of this shows hit TV songs, that I rode my Schwinn to the local library, hoping I’d find a copy of it there. I just had to hear the song again.

Collector Selector that you bitches!


Song in my head in the shower this morning.
Wow. That wasn’t just any song. More like one of those “mash-ups” so popular these days. In this case, it was a mash-up if perhaps Michel Gondry were the DJ.

Anyhoo…This morning sounded like a Moondog composition performed by Giorgio Moroder, with lyrics and accompaniment by Laurie Anderson singing, “O Superman.”

Yep. All that while I deep conditioned.

That is precisely how it is.

See? Michael Gondry.

So my big news? Of course…

Here it is!!!
Yeah. I have no fucking idea what is so wrong with me either:

“It’s not the machine…” Sigh.


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