New Radar Bros. is really good. I think it’s very friendly. Like a Pink California Floyd.

They’ve made some great harmonies. Outstanding production. With sounds similar to Mercury Rev’s, Deserter’s Songs. The emotional tasking of a musical saw. There’s the Ohio River Boat 7″ and the album made between Wowee Zowee and Terror Twilight. But like the unreleased sessions of all of these albums. Well…that’s using a reference lightly. Sort of. Then the sweetness of Bill Holt’s, Dreamies. Rhythm and melody. And Bill Callahan too.

But it’s not committal. Perhaps there’s too much fine quality to fall in love with. You’re kept intact and won’t need to ask for more later. It’s always on tap. Not like the way Palace Brothers my fail you. But you’ll always cry for more Will. The hard truth? The suggestion of abandonment can really make you love someone. But while Auditorium sings stability, it also rises to a lush tease, warranting a little fear in melody. Heightened reality.

All that partnered with a steady kind of love? Radar Bros. are tops then for an indiewhitepicketfence.

Sometimes that isn’t so bad. It’s really right.

There is just so much warmth in a Pink California Sun.


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