I first encountered Kevin Jr. on stage at Spaceland. It was my second year off drugs and I was so excited to see someone else, so cool, playing such great music who also didn’t use drugs.
My first years of sobriety were very naive in that regard. Via another Chicago transplant, I connected with Jr. and decided to let him sleep on my couch so I could help get The Chamber Strings back together. I instead ended up learning about real drug abuse psychosis. 
After Kevin printed enough material on the Scientologists following him to exhaust my printer cartridges, I asked him to leave. The day Kevin left, I received an eMail from his former bandmate on the social networking site, Friendster. I thought it was a joke. Jason didn’t know Kevin was at my house, that I had ever even come into contact with him – nothing. Jason was just eMailing a girl he saw was a fan of The Chamber Strings on Friendster. Just that.
I think it’s now been four years. Chamber Strings bass player Jason Walker is a dear friend and I am really happy with how great a new batch of songs from The Chamber Strings are. 
I can detest the victim in anyone. Even more when  you try to make a buck with it. Kevin Jr.’s newest songs are nothing less than this. But committed so thoroughly, the pathos are delicious and witty and with no apologies. Backed by Kevin’s great lyricism and a band that plays so well, you can’t deny The Chamber Strings are such a great band.

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