Newer Pavement is sort of annoying and I don’t know who I am anymore.

Actually, that’s not true at all. Firm ground now. Terra firma, c’est moi voila.

After my 40th listen to the new Radar Bros., I realized I really missed Wowee Zowee and Terror Twilight and Brighten the Corners and I really wanted to hear them again. Decided to make them mobile and checked out all the last records from work so I could import them and play with them on the iPod. Understandably, I would want to blast them from the car (like I used to) or enjoy them on the treadmill (like I do now). Et cetera. And I only have the vinyl. And the two Deluxe Re-issues.

Of course.

OhMyGod. Jesus Christ. WTF. Holy Shit.

Those last albums…not 100%…but shit. So freakin’ goofy.

I’m sad.

Heartbroken. C’mon Mr. Malkmus. Why couldn’t we just play chess and read books together? Why couldn’t you just make your crazy word poetry for me and let me look at your pretty, pretty fingers? What happened? When did it happen and how come I didn’t notice…until now? I would never say he was affected but – but maybe unnecessarily punctuative.

No wonder I’ve never been a Jicks fan.


In a state of panic from me, M(aura) did come through. She’s my aural doppelganger. She reminded me, “Frontwards and the album from whence it came,” to quote.

Ah…Slanted and Enchanted. Good old Gary Young – I played a show with him too. We’re even both listed on the poster. He had alcoholic eyes. Man. And my song! Summer Babe. My birthday is the first day of summer. All of these things that further solidified my belief that Stephen and I would one day be married.

Guitars. Treble Kicker. Indeed. Pentatonic Pop Scale. It’s so simple. Crossword Puzzle Lyrics. Screams. So much screaming. I could just eat him alive. Wish I could. New liner notes reference their need for girlfriends. If only I could’ve been there with my googly eyes…


La Shu

P.S. Wowee Zowee and Spit On A Stranger are still pretty cool though. Just sayin’.


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