I just can’t wrap my opinion around Vampire Weekend yet. They have got to be so young with their proud attitude of their culturally rich pop music combo. They do have one up on Paul Simon. It’s absolutely true. If Paul Simon weren’t Paul Simon, quite possibly Graceland would just be an album some little white guy made singing in the shower while listening to the African section of his Hi-Fi collection.

But still. They are youth. The false modesty, genre name dropping, songs about girls on campus…
After my recent Pavement revelation, I’m just not so sure about music that is quick too make me bounce with glee. And they do. Great to get dressed too but so very innocent. Yet so insincerely sincere. Perhaps that’s a condition of their seeming affluence? I say seeming but their alignment to ivy league and literary classes is questionable. Rich white guys are just so droll. And hence I am having difficulty.

There’s great potential for them to seriously blow up. I hear Hot Hot Heat on the bill and the teens going wild. Coachella. Spin Magazine…

I think I’m mostly having a reaction to the awkward phrasing vocals they use. Anytime there’s affectation, I get weary. Affect for effect? That’s a cheap shot, a shot in the dark, a crutch. I work at a station that milks these crutches, so I’ve heard and I see quite a few – and guess what…I believe they just might be coming in for a performance.

But guess what even more – I totally want them to.

And they lyrics to Oxford Comma are pretty great.

See. I can’t figure it out.

Back to the vocals. Check out this video: A-Punk Video
Great music. Really dig. But why does he sing this way? Is he from the Congo? However, I do dig. Totally.

But then there’s their disingenuous humility. I can’t knock it. Try this Fader article. I think I’m just having a case of White Man Mistrust and they really aren’t so bad. Like rich boys that kill to have fun with society because regular good times are just too easy.

Sure. I bet that’s what it is.


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