Brownies, muffins, lasagna, salad (whatever), chicken mole enchiladas, coffee, Mani’s, olive bread walnut rolls, sourdough, egg bagels, ice cream, saag paneer, tzazaki, mousaka…

These are my days. Day two. So many carbs and coffee. When did my fantasy become my horror?

Are 11 days of binge eating really so bad? Generally, I eat salads everyday and I was once obsessed to popularity with broccoli. We are all so healthy.

Today I told someone, “Take it down. Now.” And I was talking about his attitude. I couldn’t believe I said it. I must remember to focus. But it was true. He wouldn’t get over the idea that a volunteer, “might need to take their medication.” He wasn’t insulting her. This was his concern. I told him I thought she was a creative. Episode Abstract: “I saw a crazy woman. She rushed by us and sat down in her green jacket. Then… She was gone. I went by your desk… and now there’s a green jacket at your chair! I saw a crazy woman put a green jacket on your chair!”
He sure did. It was me. I own a green jacket. “Take it down. Now.”

Furthermore, it’s the dead of winter and my beach is packed. Mr. Cho thinks I should get my hose out and start spraying from the second floor.

My one concern tonight? How to get the cat food to last through till tomorrow.
And we’re going to run out. Rufus is going to kill me.
And I have got to wash the dishes.


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