Love the new Hot Chip. Didn’t expect anything less. Every time I see those geekfunkfuckers I dance for hours and declare at their exit, “YOU’RE NOT DONE YET!” I am not alone.

One of the frontmen is around my height. He’s little. He’s the higher tone. He’s the funkiest of the bunch.

I had to mention a point about why Hot Chip is good and why Vampire Weekend is annoying. My immediacy… sorry that my post is elementary.

Considering Hot Chip’s, “One Pure Thought.” The song is Zulu. Afreakan. These guys clearly have roots in music. Not fad. Even starts off with guitars rather than groove. But the music isn’t simple. You’re drawn in by the changes and the fun hooks. Traditional Hot Chip. I feel like I’m talking about Barbie or something. It’s got a groove. And I can really get down to it. But seriously – I think it’s in a harmony within the song. They do a little chanting riff comprised of “I won’t be on my way, I won’t be on my way,” and then lay octaves above with a melody that trails down. It’s so pretty and it’s a smart blend. Intriguing.

And jokes. There’s a thing about sense of humor that really connects me to things. Seems strange to put it into music though. Right? Music is just our emotional tone. Literally. But! If you can put some wit and a wink into a song and still pull it off, it represents genius. You’re not telling a poo joke just for a laugh. It’s poo with point.

That’s Hot Chip. They’re music is regular dance. But IDM as it is intelligent. But their brand of IDM features no krinking juxtapositions to MAKE you feel IDM’d. That’s the wink. It’s just dance funky but the cliche is so dead-on that their excellence in technique makes it go to “the next level.” Voila, C’est IDM. Whatever.

Give the same to Vampire Weekend, and it’s a bunch of snotty kids who enjoy their dad’s African section in his Hi-Fi collection. Their youth is their novelty not their craft. Nothing changes in the music. It’s note for note practically.

Yes. I am playing on my own simile. It is trite? No. It is complete.

Their publicity kit states, “Will make you 40% happier.” Or something like that. Definitely the 40%. My work’s music librarian was saying, “Yeah. And that’s it.”


“I’m only going to Heaven if it feels like Hell. I’m only going to Heaven if it tastes like caramel.”

I love Hot Chip.

While we’re here, take a moment for this, Planning To Rock.


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