I worked my way backwards with Dimlite. Middle and back rather. My first full length came after enjoying a fresh mind expansion from Rush Hour’s Beat Dimensions release. A title that came out mid last year. This collection showcased the top creative producers and beatheads. I don’t like to call these guys producers. Sound innovators? Sure are. Creatives is better. Geniuses is gushing.

A few really stood out. Less maybe. Dimlite did.

Starting as I did from his second release, This Is Embracing is so well constructed, smooth and incredibly complex. Knobs turning, pads beat with abstract precision. Each track layers sounds, clips, warps and tones that amuse, befuddle and warm with technique. I fell instantly in love with his music. Now just getting to his first release, Runbox Weathers, it’s very similar but so much rawer. You can hear his genesis and it’s very pleasing. “Oh? That’s your Point A.” It’s a pleasant, totally unexpected surprise. The sounds are simpler and the execution is too. It is therefore a dirtier release, while still magnificent. The ear and mind of Dimlite directs brilliant digits. 

So today we meet Misel Quitno. A non de plume for Dimlite’s nom de plume. The evolution continues. It’s just like in your dream.  The prettiest one. Invoking Raymond Scott in a neo soul super space, a delicate unreleased ’80s French soundtrack, slightly fusion, psych folk acoustics, musique concrete, songful science fiction… Misel Quitno is regality expressed as an artist. Classically glorious in ingenuity.

At special times, you notice something familiar, soon realizing it was Dimlite you were thinking of. But the reunion of what you’re hearing now, shows the bloke’s moved into a different neighborhood. Same family, just years later with new shoes and new fall semester clothes.

I want to marry him and have French babies with him. Neither he nor I are French.


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