I’m at work practicing my backstroke.

Apparently I like the color green. Walking in to work today I noticed I’m all dressed up in it with my big green bag, my puffy green jacket and my green “cashmere” sweater blouse – very girlie. Goes great with the black cords and checkered Vans.

My work is sick. We’re small to begin with but the majority of people here, aren’t here. Last count was 11 out. We’re maybe 30 deep. Maybe. Most endearing was the staff eMail sent by our Station GM. A chicly, swift woman, originally from Brooklyn. This is pretty much her station. She started it all in ’78 in the former woodshop of the Jr. High down the street. Her co-creator was once jailed for not releasing his Patty Hearst interviews to the FBI. First Amendment rights released him. They were KPFK back then (Pacifica radio). In ’84 we moved into the basement of the Student Union we now reside in. She is a personality Los Angeles loves to hate. I find her invigorating and love working with her during our drives. We rock it. Example: Her last 4-1/2 hour shift of pitching =’d $127,000. It takes a lot to get that right and it’s then that I’m like a cat ready to pounce. I become incredibly Stoic but my secret is… I am blissed out. Everything’s intense and focused. Eye of the MotherFucking Tiger. And I like being a cat.

Side note to mention: We raised 2.15 million dollars in 11 days. My boss said to me in all of her 14 years of being here (she is our GM’s subset) she has never seen a drive run the way this was. It was obvious a new regime was in. She actually said regime. She congratulated me. This was my second drive as the director. How can I be soft about this? Because to hear that really made me happy. This place has put me through a lot. Example right now: Rolling Stone remixes. Please. Don’t make me say it again. Sigh…

So our GM’s eMail? Goes on and on about the flu shot she arranged and “asked” us to all take (she held my hand while I got mine) and that it was resilient for only one strain. So don’t blame her for half of work being out. Ego? On this one? Totally. How else is L.A. going to hate her? Apparently we are under siege of a different virus and everyone should duck. That’s me paraphrasing. Her endearing eMail? She consistently spelled “flu” as “flue“. This is the woman Los Angeles loves to hate. L.A. is fucking stupid. They should love this woman without shame. She is crazy like a fox and has hired me to run the subscription drives. You have no idea… They’re missing out. Anyways, I decided she was referring to soot and how it’s akin to what the Industrial Revolution did to our world.

Then I started thinking about Globalization.

I’ve been having a religious experience with Wire’s “154”.
New Malkmus track at the station. New Monade too.

S.F. is next week. I’m so excited. I’m going to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. Lived there for a good 7 seven years and I never did that. 

Well, maybe just halfway.

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