I made coffee that was too strong this morning. Yes. I did. Making coffee at other people’s houses is difficult. A note should be left or some kind of review made before it’s too late. Mostly before it’s time to make the coffee and the houseguest might be left to fend for their coffee-needing selves. I can’t believe I didn’t inquire about a review.

I’ve made bitter mud. Two sips. My shit is jacked up.

Went to see Six Organs of Admittance last night. So fun to hang out with Kathy at a show. She talks a lot. No really. Read the depth in the meaning of this sentence. This is Kathy w/ a K fact. But Kathy is genius level so her content is incredibly factual, topical, abundant and a large portion lies so much with good music. She is also 41, which you would not believe if you were to ever see this little girl. But her age tempers her awareness to keep moving with her audience and not just ramble at them. It’s a guided tour. You’re often pleasantly entertained by the surprise wrap up of one her details.

But her knowledge was important last night. She wanted to get to the show when the doors opened. We wanted to have good positioning. She and I are very small. Generally, early show arrival includes worrisome hanging out for hours through dull bands and forced dialogue and many fake people. (L.A.?) But since we were hanging out, I was genuinely entertained. I also got to do a lot of looking. Our positioning perched me on a shelf so I was taller than the tallest. I got to live the good tall life for a night. And in San Francisco for crying out loud.

Who knew there were so many faces?

I leaned into Kathy, “Um…there are so many cute boys here.” Referencing “boys” already represents I’m indulging a handicapped perspective. But there were a lot of good looking faces. “I don’t see them.” Kathy was teasing me and stating fact. If I needed to be “down on the scene” (pun intended) there were plenty to choose from. But the truth is and my exxxposing note, “So many. I want to have an orgy.”

But Ben Chasny. I’m focused now. He’s moved in around the block from Kathy. He’s personable on stage and self-effacing within his publicity. He makes modal fairy psych music on a guitar. Master of distortion for a tragic mood. He performs a Tuvan Throat Whispering. Fascinating. While singing one vocal, Grimlock, the Evyl Fairy Troll-Wort from the Thrid Level, whispered from deep within his belly.

Then Elisa Ambrogio joined him. She is a heavenly noise goddess. She plays guitar. They screamed six strings for awhile. She is in Magik Markers. I watched her endlessly. I had already noticed her way into I’m A Gun – heavy pummeling alcoholic stoner noiserock – but didn’t realize she would be next to do it. (And better). So then I loved her more.

Chasny played backing riffs to Elisa. The last show of the tour and his pedals gave out. He thought it was his guitar. Total bummer interruptus on my very heated night. They were totally fucking shit up. So much noise. The kind that really reflects your overly sophisticated and well designed internal mood with screaming guitar sound. He was bummed about the mechanics, gave a fuck, fought for it and ended the night on a very high note.

Bought the Limited Edition touresque LP. “What’s this sound like?” “It’s the noisier side.” Great. Here’s my $15. Still hot from the night, I smiled purty at the MerchBoy.

Then we drove out of Potrero Hill and I stared at the city lights. Just like the girl in the hipster car commercials.

Two small girls on the 49 making Googly Eyes.


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