The subscription drive came and went. Before it comes, I disappear. When it comes, I disappear. After it comes, I’m set in my ways and I disappear. And then I went to San Francisco to disappear. Now I want to go back to reappear. I’ve got a cold and I’ve disappeared. I go out to disappear.

It’s been awhile. I haven’t seen my friends in so long. I want to see Yacht tonight. I won’t make it. I can’t breath out of my nose and I don’t really want to be a mouth breather out there. It’s hard enough as it is. This cold will keep me local to Venice. Another time.

I only saw Maura when she picked me up from the airport. It was a treat though. I recommend you always have a good friend pick you up from the airport.

I saw Tracy when I gave her the keys to my apartment. She kept my cats entertained during my absence. It was a treat too.

Stefanie put San Francisco into words for me. Fanny writes, “SF is so very different from LA. I could never live down there, because of the cars and the pretty.” It was just that. The pretty? In San Francisco I felt normal again. Real as well. The cars? I could use the city. In two days I walked for a total of 10 hours around San Francisco.

I walked from the Mission District to downtown, got on a bus to Golden Gate Park and spent a couple hours walking through that perfect example of public works. I made it to the Inner Sunset where I used to live. I’ve lived in every San Francisco borough that a college student and newbie work professional could. The next day, I took a two minute BART ride downtown, started through the Tenderloin… turned around… walked up Nob Hill, walked down Nob Hill, walked through North Beach to Coit Tower and back to Kathy at work in downtown.

I’m looking through my pictures.

And with regards to the Autechre show in April, I have just been informed of the following:
It’s all hardware.
Specifically “two elektron machindrums and an mpc1000”
The room is pitch black and you only see a red light. Which is Autechre passing a joint back and forth.
I think I have stopped breathing.
I have asked to be buried in that room.


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