This new album, Real Emotional Trash, is the best he’s done and I’m excited about our upcoming nuptials.

“… and radio music. That still exists. There’s Mudvayne, Nickelback—radio music for people who don’t love music, but like music. It’s still there.”

I love him. Such a genius player. And he’s got fingers for days…

Bits from messages as I moved press across the virtual freeways:
Old men shouldn’t be screaming but if I ever hear Fillmore Jive live again, I’m stripping naked then and there. Fillmore Jive was one of the only Pavement songs I ever made an effort to learn the name of. I felt it was important for live performances or when communicating with others regarding what I love.

Best interview… just wit wit wit for days. Not even wit. Thought. Lingual pattern to elicit the ineffable and kisses from fans.

The full interview is here.

The closing dialogue just rips me to shreds.

But of current events… What to do? Tortured by kindness and frustrated by systemic differences. Not postures, even though assumed as such. Ay. There’s the rub.


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