I met a nice young man a couple months ago. He said to me, “I play bass, but I’m really an engineer.”

Oh cool. I like sound. I like to play around with engineer things too.

But then he corrected himself…

“I mean I’m a Mechanical Engineer. I work at CALTECH.”


“You make things?”

“Yep.” He smiled. But he was innocent. He didn’t understand the implication of his career upon my fantastical nature.

Then The Wooden Shjips started. For 30 minutes I enjoyed the psychedelics as well as the fantasy about what kind of fingers this CALTECH Alumnus / Mechanical Engineer cum bass player might have. And most importantly – would he be asking me for my number?!!!

Smarter than the average bear, he asked me for my number and my eMail, “Oh good! I can write to him!” Many of you know, I like to write. I especially like to write at you.

“Thanks! I’ll eMail you some pictures of the machine I’m working on once I get to Louisiana.” He was going to Louisiana very early the next morning. It was time to assemble the LIGO’s optical something-or-other. I think it was a part of the Interferometer that’s measuring gravitational waves from outer space on a theory. Um… All I know is he did send me the pictures and I love to listen to him teach me about it today. I also enjoy thanking him for the contribution he’s making towards Mankind. Grandiose of me but it is a kind gesture on his part.

We talk about Mr. Feynman and he showed me where his image was added to a mural in the dorm he lived in years ago.

He got me flowers on his birthday. He wears a knit cap when it’s cold but for baseball he’s got a Dodgers cap – even though he’s from Kansas City.

We like to go to the Ball Park and sit in Row W. And stuff.


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