Less coffee. Less Diet Coke. Never thought I’d see the day but I must or I’ll never sleep again. I know I’m giving up my chance for postmortem self-preservation but let’s not be greedy. More music. More sports. Lots of happiness. Enjoying contentment.

Writing. Music. Inspiration. That’s nice. Remembering the optimism of 18. Yes… 18. 13 wasn’t much fun. Late bloomer, I found something once I got over it. I believe even the lawyers refer to the flora as Emancipation. Sounds like something from Calvin Klein. But only if you say it as a whisper. A joke then, a joke now. Don’t say it as a whisper. Shout it from the roof tops! You’re emancipated People! Move!

So maybe here’s this:

Walk to work while walking to school. Listening to Estelle and Kanye and they’ve already lost their fresh. My Top 40 Faves usually do. Good thing there’s always another one in an hour to take the sad one’s newly worn place. Can’t wait to hear them! I’m also excited for the J. Spaceman and Sun City Girls I just got from work. That’s longevity. The optimism of 18.

I also met Janeane Garafalo at work last week. After so many years, Janeane is not a mirror. But we are kin. We are. “Personality.” That’s all I could say to her. “Personality.” “People say I’m you.”



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