But we’re happy we’ll be together. The youth is not wasted on the young.

A little stalling, a little writing. I’m folding warm and cold clothes again to trip up to San Francisco for five days. This time I’ll bring Chris with me. Last time I was there, he was promising an eMail and photos of his machine and now I can show him the bed I was sleeping in when his eMail arrived. I am that cheesy and I am that excited. These same hosts are letting us crash at their place while they travel to the Terrastock Festival I was writing about then too.

If I had any idea then what I know now today I wouldn’t want to know it because the discovery has been so rad.

I’ll also be turning 37 on the first day of Summer this Saturday.

We’ll be seeing Seun Kuti (that is “Kuti” as one of Fela’s 30,000. I joke, but you know…) and I’ll be able to meet a label friend I’ve made from my new responsibilities at KCRW.

We’re going to sleep a lot and work a little. Unfortunately, we just have to do that. But I’m also going to show him my treasured Philz Coffee. Oh God. Philz.

And I’m only bringing the one Harry Potter.


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