It has been way too long.

I’ve had to take work home (including over the birthday San Francisco trip) and any free time has been taken up with creating an orientation slideshow. I’ll be sure to share that with you all later.

San Francisco with Chris can be summed up with Coit Tower and 7PM Dim Sum as seen here:

There were also the dozen, long-stemmed red roses delivered to the house we were staying at on the Saturday which was my birthday from my rad boyfriend Bubbie.

There was also the Berkeley Morris Dancers that showed up at Sutro’s Bath House around birthday day (Summer Solstice – brings the weirdos out). It was the unseasonably hottest day on record since 1973 in San Francisco. It was indeed this troupe:

We saw Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 in Stern Grove, amongst a forrest of Redwoods and hippie nymphs.

Devendra Barnhart wished me a happy birthday at the Hollywood Bowl. That went like this, “Happy Birthday Laura…”
I think, “That actually sounded pretty.” “Ha! OK guys. Thanks!” We all laughed. Chris, Maura, Tracy and I in our box at the Bowl. Tickets I got from work. I did play the birthday card but… Devendra doesn’t know that (or me). But we all laughed, “Of course it’s me. There’s no other Laura.” I imagined Laura was some slightly trust-fundy psuedo-Hippie chick sitting backstage, getting ready for some fun.

Who the hell is this? I don’t know who this text is, “Maura – Do you recognize this phone number?” She must get a kick out of me sometimes.
“Center box, back. Who is this? Where are you?”
Long awesome story short – IT WAS ME! I’M LAURA!
Ariana arranged it for me and the texter was my boss. They were up in the Garden Boxes. I fuhreeeeked out as damage to Chris’ squeezed fingers would prove. My dreaming began. I decided that the Hippie Chick Laura was more of a Bohemian now. At the end of Devendra’s performance he wished me well again, this time in both English and Spanish and I jumped, “I’M LAURA!” Felt pretty bomb kids.

Maura also talked about some of the work she’s begun with her position as Music Director at KSCR, including having The Wedding Present come in. Not surprised by this but so happy she’s doing it. Read up, pay attention, follow along and know that you knew her when.

I played softball. I’m as surprised as you. I’m sorry but there are no pictures to prove this. However, I was sore for the running as I am a powerhitter (I’m as surprised as you) and I got a run + second base. And now I’ve begun running with Chris. We want to improve for softball and I’ll need to begin training for the Amazing Race.

4th of July: We rode our bikes at breakneck speed to catch the fireworks last night and followed it up with a midnight viewing of Wall-E.

I think we’re caught up.


4 thoughts on “Here, There and Everywhere

  1. OhMyGosh, BE on the Amazing Race. Please?!Softball? Impressive but I am skeptical due to the lack of pictures. In that case, I sang the National Anthem at the White House yesterday. It was so cool. complete awesomeness…too bad I ran out of film. 😉

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