Slept. Ate. Slept. Slept. Talked to some friends. Laughed. Not so bad. Not at all. I let myself get way out of hand. I want to congratulate Chris on making it through his first pledge drive. And afterwards to celebrate both of us finishing tremendous work projects, Chris took me to Pace.

Pace is a restaurant in Laurel Canyon. This is a part of town I would love to live in with former residents Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Carole King, etc. landing there first. I often think of Laurel Canyon as the Echo Park and Silverlake of today and imagine my friends all playing and hanging out there then like they do now. I also wonder, did it cost a fortune to live there then like it does there now? Was it the Echo Park of L.A.? Cheap and unappealing but after their coolness tagged the property, did rates rise? I don’t know. But for a long while I fantasized about what Pace was like on the inside. What could this woodsy, L.A. bohemian nook be like? It’s pronounced, “PAH-chey,” and translates to Peace. Ironically, or with naivete, I didn’t realize that it was an L.A. hotspot, a place to be, a place to be seen and in the know. Or at least that’s what the internet paparazzi shots are showing.

We looked very pretty. It scared me. But that’s just my neurosis. Yep. But I like it. Looking pretty. Especially with Chris. And in summary, we’re dining out more. It’s good for us. Or not! Not important. We just like going out.

Soundtrack A+! Food… OK. B? Not so sure. The chocolate sauce was good. Next trip is the italian place in the mini-mall off Melrose. Lou’s. Yum.


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