I dreamt I swam in my new pool. I swam poorly but in reality I am a fish. I dove and kept cruising right to the bottom. Couldn’t find my swimsuit then *BLING*, a Magic Dream Swimsuit appeared. A one piece.

After the winds die down I hope it’s warm enough at least to enjoy some laps in it. It’s so small, I hope I can make a lap in it. It’s safety insurance bars are annoying and funny looking. But I want to swim in it still.

I dreamt that a bag lady started yelling at me, trying to freak me out. I wasn’t having it. She didn’t know I wasn’t the one to pull that shit on. She got it later though.

So that was weird and so was diving to the pool in my Magic Dream Swimsuit. Do you ever think about what Hilary Clinton dreamt of after Sarah Palin got on the McCain ticket? I mean the symbolism driven by so much depression, anger, pride and fear must’ve been so juicy.


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