I’ll just say one thing, God is good. Miriam Makeba died on stage singing and singing Pata Pata.

When I was probably 10 I found my dad’s copy of Miriam Makeba’s first album. Lucky little girl to find this spirit of Miriam Makeba’s sweet foreign sound. After I discovered Miriam, it was years before I would consider a spin with her husband Hugh Masekela’s LP. How could he compare? Would I dance around and sing like that? Hard to consider that from a trumpeter. But that was the humor and dedication. Couldn’t risk missing listening to her.

I sang along with no idea what I was saying. She was just so groovy and it was so good. She had joy. She makes you discover that a wiggle is a dance and your smile is your groove.

The song that got me the most was The Click Song. I loved her introduction explaining the click was referring to her dialect. But what I loved the most was how she belted out those last notes, so loud and full. She chimes and resonates like jubilant honey. You swear you’re living for real now. You have discovered bliss. You’ve discovered heaven on earth.


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