Everything has a neat name. Everything has cache. Especially if you use the number of it. Like me. I’m No. 1. Or my apartment address is #10. We’re a 10. Get it?

I finally saw Gang Gang Dance tonight. I wasn’t expecting a dance party like they gave. I felt like I was in New York. I’ve never been. I also wasn’t poorly affected by the young age of most of the audience and actually really enjoyed a lot of the sincerity I saw from them. They weren’t so indie rock. They were artsy punk and having a lot of fun. Hooray! Cool shoes.

Gang Gang Dance have not sold out at this hour. This was a thought I had. Did I miss their heydey? Would the cool kids not be there because they’ve already seen it all? GGD has something out on Warp now but I don’t know if they’re a Warp band for keeps. But their funk would have me think so.

Drums, guitar, keys, samplers, drum pads, loops, two drums for the singer and a tip of my hat for Ari Up meets Nina Hagen on the dance floor. They covered an MBV song too. Holy Shit. I turned aghast to Ahn, first afraid of a blatant rip off of “I Only Said”‘s opening trill. Then the similarity didn’t end and we agreed – it was a cover. I always used MBV as part of my Gang Gang Dance description.

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